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Roof repairs in Putney, Fulham and Wandsworth


We carry out all types of roof work from emergency repairs or replacing a missing slate to a complete new roof or roof refurbishment. Whatever your roofing requirement give us a call to discuss your roofing needs or make an appointment for us to come and give you a no-obligation estimate. Our range of roofing services includes:

  • Replacing and securing missing and slipped tiles
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Full or part roof replacement
  • Roof refurbishment
  • Flat roofs
  • Valley gutters
  • Lead flashing
  • Chimney stack rebuilding and repointing
  • Guttering, facia boards, soffits and barge boards

Chimney Stack Maintenance

With a lot of older properties chimney stacks can be a source of damp ingress, often seen around chimney breasts inside the property in the form of yellow staining or a darkening of the paint colour. There are three main causes of damp ingress with chimney stacks:


When chimney stacks get old the pointing erodes and in fact can get so bad that you can simply lift bricks off the top of the stack. As chimney stacks are more exposed to the elements than the property walls, if your wall pointing is looking a bit tired, the chances are your chimney stack pointing is worse and needs checking. Eroded pointing allows water to get into the brickwork working its way down to the chimney breasts inside the property.

Lead Flashing

Where the chimney stack joins the roof there is lead flashing creating a seal between the last row of bricks in the stack and the roof slates or apex. Over time this lead can either become unseated from the brickwork or actually develop cracks from repeated heating and cooling in the sun, allowing the ingress of water. The range of work we cover includes:


Flaunching is the mortar on the top of the chimney stack that hold chimney pots in place if you have them, or seals the top of the chimney brickwork if you no longer have chimney pots. If the flaunching is cracked or pieces are missing water can soak into the brickwork eventually causing interior damp problems.

Guttering, Facia Boards, Soffits & Barge Boards


Leaking gutters can cause water to run down the walls of your property, which if left unchecked can lead to damp problems inside the property and damage pointing or render on exterior walls.

Facia Boards

Facia boards run along the bottom edge of the roof and are usually attached to the ends of the roof trusses and/or the top of the wall brickwork. Sometimes gutter leaks can be caused by rotting facia boards no longer supporting the attached gutter properly. Facia boards also often support the last row of roof tiles, so if they are loose or rotting they can also lead to tiles slipping out of place or falling off the roof.


Soffits are the panels that seal the gap between the facia boards and the wall where there is an over hang of the roof to the wall. If these become loose or damaged they can allow birds and squirrels access to your roofspace where they can cause more damage.


Bargeboards are the timber panels on the end of a gable. These can often be quite decorative and a significant architectural feature of the property.

Lead Work

From complete lead roofs, step flashing between roof sections or on chimneys, cover flashing, valley gutters or decorative bays we can repair of replace you lead work to make your roof water tight.


Our services include

  • Roof repairs and new roofs
  • Pitched and flat roofs
  • Leading & valley gutters
  • Guttering and facia boards
  • Chimney stacks
  • Pointing
  • All exterior works
  • Painting - interior & exterior


We are happy to come to you to view your property and provide a no obligation quote for the work required. Please call us on 07930 172 147 to discuss your requirements and make an appointment.

Call Now On 07930 172 147

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Apex Roofing & Maintenance are based in south-west London and offer roofing and building maintenance services covering Putney, Fulham, Wandsworth, Earlsfield, Southfields, Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, Tooting, Balham, Clapham, Streatham, and all parts of south and west London.

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